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Tuesday, April 3, 2012 by grace

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the art of displaying a property in its best possible light within a particular budget and with a specific short term outcome in mind.

One person’s outcome may be to sell their property for the highest possible price, or in the fastest possible time for the current market price, or a combination of both.

Another person’s outcome may be to have a special event at their home and show their guests a memorable experience. Weddings, notable anniversary celebrations, retirement bashes, or family reunions, are common reasons for home staging.

Staging or Design?

But some people fail to differentiate between Interior Design and Home Staging. Therefore let’s look at the differences because they are important. Some of the primary differences between Interior Decorating and Home Staging are:

  1. Interior Design is typically about long term appeal for the personal benefit of the owners.
  2. Home Staging is typically for short term appeal to others such as buyers or guests.
  3. You would usually design with at least a few and often several years in mind.
  4. You would typically stage with only weeks or months in mind.
  5. Design is about reflecting your personal touch. It’s about you.
  6. Staging for the purpose of selling should depersonalize your home. You remove collectibles, family photos, religious icons, trophies, banners, memorabilia, and so on. You want visitors or prospects to imagine living there. You don’t want them thinking about you living there. It’s about others.
  7. Design is primarily about purchasing things whether fixed like flooring or moveable like furniture.
  8. Staging is usually a combination of fixed items that you must purchase (like flooring) and moveable items you can rent (like furniture).
  9. Design is usually a large investment of resources. 20 to 50 percent of the building cost is not an uncommon range for interior design.
  10. Staging is about getting the greatest wow factor for the lowest price. 2 to 6 percent of the property’s value is a common range.
  11. Design is usually about using the space to greatest living advantage.
  12. Staging tends to furnish sparsely to highlight your home’s spacious qualities.
  13. Interior design is about your home reflecting your individuality.
  14. Staging inspires others to imagine themselves living in your home.

People sometimes get confused about the two. If you refer to the above list you will not. Keep these factors in mind and you won’t go wrong on either account.


The Difference Matters

Obviously you’ll see overlap in these two approaches to beautifying your home. This is why some people get confused about staging VS interior design. However it is not the areas of similarity that matter. It is the differences between the two that gives them their definitions.

When you stage your home to sell it faster you’ll probably be thinking about more neutral colors that help people to imagine moving in without having to repaint.

When you design you’ll likely be more comfortable with dramatic colors that reflect your personal taste. You may want to fill much of your space with treasured furnishings that add comfort and functionality.

Staging Choices

When you stage you’ll often feel free to choose an ornate desk to show off a den. But its lack of practical benefit in real life may prevent you from owning such a piece for long term use.

How many times have you visited a show home and seen a den outfitted with a charming antique office desk and ornate chair standing in the middle of the room? There’s lots of space to walk round and admire the den but you know you’re not going to get any work done at a desk like that unless you only write stick-it notes. But who does that?

With home staging you want to leave an impression that showcases the potential of your living space. With interior design you want to realize your homes potential while you live there.

Professional Organizers for Staging

Professional Organizers make the best home stagers because they are constantly evaluating space from so many different points of view. Professional Organizers are trained to help many different types of people find their personal organizing style as well as reflecting their varied tastes.

This gives Professional Organizers a huge advantage in that we are always thinking about space and how best to arrange and purpose it from many points of view – some of which include:

  1. Design aesthetics
  2. Spatial layout
  3. Storage requirements
  4. Human comfort and convenience
  5. Cost
  6. Repurposing
  7. Personality

There are many others but I think you get the idea. As a Professional Organizer who does home staging I evaluate living space every day. I examine it both objectively and subjectively.

I can easily spot when a client is trying too hard to reflect their own taste and not sufficiently considering how their ideas will help or hinder the property in someone else’s eyes.

Call Me!

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