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Thursday, March 1, 2012 by grace

Do You Need A Professional Organizer?

You may be surprised to discover that almost everyone these days needs a professional organizer.  How many people do you know that have hired a professional organizer even once in their lifetime much less on an annual basis? My guess is that you don’t know more than one or two such people if any. Unfortunately few people recognize that they need professional help with their organizing challenges.

Why Do I Need Professional Help?

There is a famous rule among organizers that if you cannot locate an item within 20 seconds you are disorganized. Many people this rule only applies to their home but it is even more critical in businesses regardless of how large. Have I answered your question adequately?

You may want professional help for the following reasons:

You’ll Feel Great
There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that you have control of your life and your possessions. Your possessions are not wasting your valuable time and resources so they are truly serving you as they were intended to do.

You’ll Get a Lot More Done
Because you can locate what you need when you need it and accomplish the thing you set out to do without delay. Organized people are on top of things.

You’ll Achieve Personal Satisfaction
There is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment you get from achieving results efficiently. You’ll be amazed at how much more a professional will do for you — and in less time than you’d think.

You’ll Have Lasting Value
Few situations are more wasteful than when you own valuable items but are unable to locate them efficiently (or at all) within the window of opportunity you need them. A pro will work with you to make them readily accessible. He or she will help you discover your personal organizing style. A pro is trained to evaluate your personal organizing style. He or she will develop an organizing system that suits your personality and thinking habits. That way you can efficiently keep things organized in a manner that comes easily to you.

You’ll Get Your Space Back
Any space that is disorganized is wasted space. Generally indoor residential space costs about 200.00 a square foot to build new. Many people are paying or have paid mortgage interest as a cost of owning that space. Interest fees increase the lifetime cost of ownership by a factor of two to three times its purchase price.

That means you may be throwing property value away at an alarming cost when your disorganized space is not put to use that justifies the cost of the space. A 10’ X 10’ room can represent a waste of $2000.00 a year during a 30 year span. As your property increases in value that waste increases proportionally. If your home drops in value your cost of ownership does not decrease proportionally. Property taxes, heating, cooling, and other costs only increase the cost of under utilized space.

You’ll Free Up Your Time.
If you’re like most people you spend unwarranted amounts of time with organizational tasks. Therefore you procrastinate and your organizational challenge increases as you accumulate new things and others are ineffectively stored due to current clutter.

A professional organizer will save you a ton of time, energy, and frustration, because they do this every day for a living and they know far more than the average person about maximizing space and time with it comes to organization.

You’ll Feel Unburdened
A Professional Organizer doesn’t have emotional attachments to your stuff like you do. He or she can help you make faster decisions about your stuff and is highly trained to help you move as painlessly and objectively as possible in your decisions about organizing, acquiring, or divesting yourself of accumulated items. We call this “Guilt Free Organizing”.

Personal Liberty
The above list needs at least another ten major benefits added to it but I think you are getting the picture. A professional organizer can be your key to personal liberty. A beautifully appointed and organized space can be so esthetically pleasing that you will feel like your home is a great place to be. It will no longer reflect the hectic pace of the outside world. It becomes your own personal oasis — your retreat to enjoy.

It is a wonderful thing to go into any place in your home, whether the garage, the storage shed, the basement, or even a bedroom and know that it is there to serve you rather than remind you of how many incomplete tasks lie ahead of you when you finally get around to doing them. Instead imagine a more relaxed you at the tennis courts, or the mall, with no nagging feeling about the mountain of work you’ll face when you go home. Liberty!

How Effective Are You?
Let’s be candid. If you could have done it yourself without help you’d have already done it. Once you get past your 30th birthday you are unlikely to become more efficient at organization without help. Your habits are already a couple of decades old. Your energy levels will tend to slowly diminish as you grow older and then more rapidly after 50.

If you’re not chronically disorganized you were probably quite effective at organizing up till about age 25 because you had almost limitless energy and efficiency did not matter as much. Probably you had a lot fewer possessions then too.

Unfortunately after 30, while you’ll probably become more efficient at a lot of things like earning power or conflict resolution, as your energy levels diminish with age you are unlikely to become sufficiently more organized to stay ahead of clutter.

Your Best Days Should Be Ahead of You
In fact without the help of a professional organizer your best window for staying organized may already be behind you. That is why so many elderly people are found living in squalor. They never had help to become more efficient organizers and when their energy began dropping more rapidly they lost control of clutter and never recovered.

Regardless of your current situation — if you hire a professional organizer first to get on top of things and rid yourself of unnecessary clutter you will be well on your way to a much more pleasant life than you may unwittingly be heading for. The hardest part will be behind you. From then onward you may only need professional help occasionally as your life progresses because you’ll find it so much easier to stay on top of the clutter.

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