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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 by grace

home organizerDo It Yourself — Home Organizer

If you are one of those people we all envy who has boundless energy and can’t imagine hiring someone to do organizing for you — then you may find an idea or two in this article that will help you get through the job quicker.

What areas of your home need the most organizing help? Many of us consider the areas that are the most visible. But often to deal with the most visible areas of clutter in your home you may first want to consider your existing storage areas. Are they full to the brim and bulging at the seams or do you have lots of unused space?

As you think this through certain rooms will probably stand out immediately in your mind. When you have guests you’ll want to consider highly visible rooms like your kitchen, family and living rooms, bathrooms and dining areas.

You’ll also want to consider traffic or utility areas such as laundry, mud room, or breezeways located near other visible areas such as your kitchen or living room. Also check your foyer for available closet space for guests’ coats. If your gathering is large and defies closet space you’ll also need to consider the bedroom where you may customarily store guest’s coats on the bed.

Does this job suddenly seem more daunting than you anticipated? Call a Home Organizer for some help. Most give free phone consultations. I do and you can reach me by clicking here.

Home Organizer — Your Kitchen

How much clutter can you eliminate with clever storage designs? Do you have too many appliances sitting out and taking up counter space? How much cabinet space is used for food items? Do your family members living at home use your kitchen as a convenient place to throw personal belongings?

How about purchasing a storage rack? Various kinds of storage racks are perfect for storing appliances that aren’t being used. Wooden racks are easily painted or stained to match your color scheme. Such racks can be especially convenient when outfitted as a rolling cart with shelves or drawers.

Depending on the design such racks may also work nicely for family members to stash personal items. If you don’t find staining or painting to be a convenient option you can also find pre-built multipurpose racks in basic neutral colors that will blend nicely.

Do you need more ideas or just someone to consult with to help get you started? Call a professional home organizer for help. You can reach me for ideas at 186 ORGANIZE.

Home Organizer – Your Family and Living Rooms

With all of the entertainment technology available you are probably amazed at how rapidly your family fills these rooms with VCRs, DVD players, televisions, stereos, speakers, musical equipment, theater gear, and all of media to go with them: DVD’s, IPODS, IPAD’s, IPHONES, cordless telephones, Chargers, adapters, PDA’s, old videotapes, CDs, cassettes, vinyl record collections, game cartridges, power supplies, remote gadgets, 3D wrap around monitors, headphones, wireless routers, hubs, switches, cabling, cameras, lighting units, projection equipment, speakers, and boxes. Phew! You can accumulate amazing amounts of clutter from today’s home entertainment gear.

Just thinking of organizing family and living rooms can provoke anxiety for the toughest among us. Want to see? Just ask your husband when is a good time to discuss organizing your living or family room. LOL. He’ll show his overwhelm by the number of diversionary tactics or other defenses he uses to avoid the topic.

Next time you buy something new be sure to consider storage costs when you calculate the cost of ownership of a new item. Don’t just look at the purchase price. Before you purchase a new item you may want to establish how many pieces come with it and what the cost of storing the item and all its accessories will be.  On the bright side, attractive cabinets of all shapes and colors are available to conceal your electronics.

When you entertain guests it may include listening to music or watching videos. If you have your DVD’s and CD’s organized you’ll provide a much nicer experience for your guests if you can readily access anything in your collection. Some people buy separate cases for each genre, label them by genre, and store all the cases conveniently out of site.

A home organizer may also be an invaluable source of ideas as well as that extra source of energy you’ll need with any of your clutter reduction strategies. If that makes sense to you please do not hesitate to contact me using the information at the bottom of this page.

Home Organizer – Your Bathroom

Obviously you’ll always focus first on whichever bathroom is most easily accessible for guests. Because your bathroom tells others a lot about you – you’ll want to put sufficient energy into it to send the sort of message you’d like people to retain. First and foremost it should sparkle with cleanliness but you’ll also want it to be neat and orderly.

Because bathrooms are relatively small even the slightest disorganization can make them seem cluttered. You can easily avoid that problem with adequate shelves and cabinets. You can store towels, soaps, toiletries and even decorations on shelves to give your bathroom a tidy organized appeal.

Home Organizer – Your Dining Room

Because Dining Rooms are typically for more formal occasions you’ll want to keep clutter to a strict minimum. If you want a spacious feel where guests don’t feel claustrophobic then stick to dining-related items and themes. Remove any items that do not enhance your dining experience.

Beautiful corner cabinets are often perfect for recapturing unused space without intruding into the spacious uncluttered feel you’ll probably want in your dining room. Corner cabinets provide excellent storage and display for fine china and fragile items.

Be sure to clear out and store elsewhere any items unrelated to your dining experience. You’ll want to avoid buying ordinary storage containers for this room. Plain looking storage units will detract from the formality and ruin the hospitable atmosphere you hope to create.

Home Organizer – Your Laundry Room

Often you’ll get used to a messy laundry room and not realize how it really looks. Therefore you may want to view it with a critical eye. Imagine you are a guest who accidentally wandered into it and imagine it from that point of view. Chances are it will appear less attractive and more disorganized than you thought.

Laundry rooms are usually the least expensive rooms to decorate. You can find tons of cool storage bins that come in fun and lively colors. They can be stacked, wall, or floor mounted, to hold just about everything. The laundry room is also a good place to put extra bins for children’s toys. When you expect guests you can stash the toys away out of sight with minimal effort. This is a good place for a coat rack or hooks for extra jackets that your loved ones may have strewn throughout the house.

Once you store your many belongings in proper places in attractive containers your main rooms for entertaining should look terrific as well hospitable. Guests will appreciate visiting your well-kept home and perhaps you’ll inspire them to do the same.

Nobody wants to entertain guests with clutter everywhere. You don’t want your guests feeling like they were not worth the trouble to clean up before entertaining them. Not only does clutter look messy and unappealing but it also diminishes both the useful and the perceived value of your space. Today there are many options that come in a variety of colors and styles.

When To Contact A Home Organizer

When should you contact a home organizer? When you want to be organized and are not getting there fast enough or are afraid you won’t be done on time for guests, events, or are just overwhelmed by the buildup of clutter.

You may also have a number of very practical reasons to hire a home organizer. The common ones are as follows:

  • To organize your entire home
  • To organize your vacation home
  • To organize family paperwork/bills/filing system
  • To better balance work/home responsibilities
  • Make more time to run errands
  • Prepare for garage/estate sale
  • Prepare to move to a new home (relocation)
  • Prepare to sell your home (home staging)
  • To organize your home office
  • To make more space for your home business
  • To prevent cross entanglement of home and home business clutter

The more common areas that frequently need organizing:

  • Kitchen and cabinets
  • Closets
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Storage areas
  • In-home offices
  • Whole house
  • Tool and Garden Sheds
  • Quonsets
  • Storage Facilities

The types of things that you may need organized

  • Day-to-day clutter
  • Financial and other papers
  • Family photos, memorabilia
  • Sorting assorted paper, mail, etc.
  • Old belongings
  • Tools and equipment
  • Sporting gear
  • Musical instruments and sound equipment
  • Home theater areas
  • Collections
  • Books
  • Art

You are living in the most cluttered age in human history. If you have not been keeping on top of clutter it is not your fault. Nobody could have prepared us for the onslaught of possessions our consumer driven society has unleashed upon us in the last 20 years.

The good news is that you can find a home organizer professional in almost every populated region on the North American Continent.

If anything in this article has kindled a greater desire in you to take action and get organized then please do not hesitate to follow through and do something. The next step is to call someone who does this for a living. They are on top of all the latest ideas, tricks, industry secrets, and special knowledge to help you get and STAY organized.

Getting organized can be life changing. Do something about it while your interest is alive. Call me now and I’ll help fan that spark that wants to turn into an organizing fire. You’ll never regret getting your space uncluttered and supporting a more peaceful and productive lifestyle.

You can reach me at 186 ORGANIZE.