Help Me Organize

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 by grace

I don’t know where to start.

I hear it over and over –“ I just don’t know where to start!” There are various ways to approach the ‘where to start’ question. Organize a type of thing first, organize a particular area first, organize a particular person first, organize a particular task first, organize the hardest project first, organize the easiest project first.

What’s the Goal?

If you say ‘help me organize my whole house’ I’ll first determine what purpose you want each space to fulfill. Then through conversation I gain an understanding of your biggest challenges, your real goals –what you really want to achieve through the organizing process. For almost everyone, they just want to not be overwhelmed anymore and beyond that, they say ‘help me organize my priorities’ and as an organizing expert, I know how to do that for each individual client.

If you say ‘help me organize my finances’ I’ll discover where the current system is broken, determine what type of approach will work for you, and then work with you to implement that solution.

Organizing Several Spaces At the Same Time

When a client says to me ‘help me organize my closet’, the project rarely involves only that one closet. Storage is spread out around the house and even into the garage. Organizing the one closet may involve some level or organizing in other storage spaces as well. This is often a source of overwhelm for the client and one of the many reasons they call on me.

I Need Relief!

When I respond to the ‘help me organize’ plea, my goal is to get you the biggest amount of relief as quickly as possible. This relieves pressure of overwhelm and can even relieve the related depression.

If you are at the point that you are so overwhelmed, you still can’t make that start just give me a call and say ‘Help me organize!’